Under the Thumb on sale now!

I feel very fortunate to be included in an anthology that addresses police oppression in the United States. Under the Thumb is now on sale, and you should pick up a copy. Not only because there are a ton of fantastic stories in it (including my own, “Trap House,” which is set on the west side of Birmingham, Alabama), but also because this an important societal issue.

I woke up this morning thinking about how people often excuse police oppression/brutality/corruption by saying that it’s “just one bad apple” and how that allows us to blame the individual without examining the organizational underpinnings that excuse and encourage those bad apples to rot on the tree. Lo and behold, guest editor Shawn Cosby has written of that exact same saying in the foreword of Under the Thumb.

I want to thank Shawn, as well as the gang at Rock & A Hard Place Press for having the vision and strength to pull this anthology together.

Proceeds from this anthology go to benefit Black Lives Matter – New Jersey. Get your copy TODAY! Don’t wait!

Trouble No More is out October 11!

One of the biggest anthologies of the year (and I don’t just mean crime anthology) comes out tomorrow from Down & Out books.

Trouble No More is chock full of great writers doing amazing work. Seriously, this is a murderer’s row of Southern noir fiction. Start with award-winning authors like New York Times bestseller S.A. Cosby, Brian Panowich, Art Taylor, Chris Swann, Michael Farris Smith, James D.F. Hannah, and C.W. Blackwell.

Then there’s the incredible Nikki Dolson and pro’s pro (or is that prose pro?) Rob Pierce, along with up-and-comers J.B. Stevens, Curtis “Many, Many More” Ipplolito, Jerry Bloomfield, Michel Lee Garrett, Raquel V. Reyes, Joey R. Poole and several others (including yours truly).

The editor is Mark Westmoreland, whose hit debut novella, A Violent Gospel, dropped last month from Shotgun Honey. And if you haven’t read AVG, do yourself a favor and grab a copy now. Don’t wait!

Trouble No More is Southern noir/crime fiction inspired by songs recorded by The Allman Brothers Band. If you don’t absolutely love this one, Mark’s going to come to your house and wash your car for you.

I’m really excited to be a part of the anthology. If I have my wits about me (always questionable), my story ‘Whipping Post’ closes out the book. I’m truly honored just to be a part of this one.