The Dark City (January 2020)

Story: All Debts Paid. Buy it HERE.

All Due Respect 2020 (November 2020)

Story: A Little Push. Buy it HERE.

Crimeucopia – We’re All Animals Under the Skin (April 2021)

Story: A Good Night’s Sleep. Buy it HERE.

Bristol Noir: Tainted Hearts & Dirty Hellhounds (September 2021)

Story: The Big Gamble. Buy it HERE.

Trouble No More (October 2021)

Story: Whipping Post. Buy it HERE.

Under the Thumb: Stories of Police Oppression (Nov. 19, 2021)

Story: Trap House. Buy it HERE.

Rock & a Hard Place Issue No. 7 (Jan. 17, 2022)

Story: Negative Tilt. Buy it HERE.