Living the Gimmick available for pre-order!

Happy to announce that not only does LIVING THE GIMMICK have a kick-ass cover, but it’s also up for pre-sale.

You can pre-order a paperback directly from my publisher, Shotgun Honey, or an ebook from Amazon. Remember that the book launches on May 27. I’m looking forward to having it out in the world!

Look at that!

Now, let’s talk about that cover. Ron Earl Phillips designed LTG’s cover to look a lot like an old pro wrestling flyer from back in the 1970s-80s. He did one hell of a great job on it, too. That cover is absolute fire, and using the flyer format was a stroke of genius in my opinion.

I also owe a huge debt of gratitude to JP Zarka over at Pro Wrestling Stories, who hosted an interview, the cover reveal, and the first chapter of the book today. He went above and beyond to publicize the book, and I thank him for it. Click that link and go read my conversation with JP. You’ll be glad you did.

And I need to say thank you to all of the established (and incredible) writers who have said nice things about the book. I’m really, really thankful to know that the book worked for them. To have the respect of your peers is a really wonderful thing.

Of course, I wouldn’t object to some sales, either. So get busy smashing that pre-order button and let’s make LIVING THE GIMMICK a huge success, OK? And if you can’t pre-order, don’t forget that I’ll be making some appearances around Alabama as part of the One-Cheek Book Tour (I originally called it a half-ass book tour, but no one would put that on a poster.)

Go check out the feature Pro Wrestling Stories did today, read the first chapter, and maybe — just maybe — LIVING THE GIMMICK will find a place in your heart. I know it’s got one in mine.

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