‘Dance the Night Away’ at Reckon Review

A story of mine has found a new home.

‘Dance the Night Away’ is now available at Reckon Review, and I think it’s the perfect home for this gritty noir tale set in the Big Easy.

This story was a casualty of leaving my former publisher earlier this year when I discovered that they were engaged in what I considered to be some unethical practices, which you can read about HERE. When I made the choice to leave and take my book with me, they removed ‘Dance the Night Away’ from the short fiction portion of their website, too.

That was the only part of the deal that I regretted, to be honest. This is a good story, told in an immersive second-person point-of-view. I’d been hoping to re-home it somewhere with a solid reputation. It turned out to be perfect for Reckon Review, and I can’t thank the editor, Meagan Lucas, enough for taking the piece.

I hope you’ll enjoy the story, and if — by chance — you’ve already read it, I would say to take a look at it again anyway. You’ll see that it’s finally found a place where it’s just the right fit.

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